Growth and Development Economics Econ 705    Spring   2018

Here is the syllabus for the course. Here is the list of papers showing that laptops in the classroom reduce learning.

There is one required book for this course, The Elusive Quest for Growth by William Easterley. It should be available in the bookstore. Other required readings include a book that I wrote called The Growth Book and several papers by other authors. You must buy Easterly's book, but everything else may be found here.

We will also be using the program R and its companion workspace R Studio. You may download those here:

Download the appropriate version for your OS at the top of the page.

The Growth Book is now available.

The other readings are now available.

Here is a new file with graphs on US productivity and growth.

Here is the data called cross.xlsx used in class to illustrate regression analysis.

After you have met and discussed possible research topics, please see me for approval. I will be happy to talk to you periodically as the project takes shape. The schedule for presentations will be decided by the midterm.

Also: here is an interesting book review by Easterly on Jeff Sachs' book on development policy.

Here is the article on autism and instrumental variables.




Economics 705

Growth and Development Economics

Spring 2018